If you can't make it fake it!

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If you can't make it fake it!

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:26 pm

  • Go to an Australian Geographic shop and tell the shopkeeper you are a trainer from the large well-known local wildlife care group (even though you're not a trainer, but a beginner). Ask the shopkeeper if they will donate a few fluffy toys to help with demonstrations for training days for the group. After the shopkeeper kindly donates the requested toys to the group (which the group will never see), you can write in your personal website that you are "sponsored" by Australian Geographic. It doesn't matter that it's not actually true. (Nor that it would be illegal for you to actually receive sponsorship, since you're not a registered organisation, but just a single ex-wildlife carer of with only few years actual caring experience, posing as an organisation). It will add to the image we are trying to create, and make people think it's credible. Even years after the fluffy toys were given away, you can continue to write on your personal website that you are sponsored by Aus Geo ~ forever, basically. Laughing

  • Do the same thing with every company you can think of, asking for freebies for your supposed organisation. If you ask enough people, and mislead them enough, some will give you stuff for free. If they're gullible enough to do this, then you've got them, and you not only get free stuff that you don't even have to account for to anyone, but you can call them your sponsors and supporters, to add to the image. Too bad if once those people and companies realise they've been duped, they will never support any wildlife organisation again in future, and it will damage the reputation of wildlife care, so denying the genuine ones future aid and public good will; if you can get something for nothing, and add to the image in the process, then that's what's important.

  • Fill in every application you can find for getting awards and kudos. They don't always check very thoroughly the accuracy of what they're told, as they're trusting souls, so even if some don't get through, with the sheer volume of applications, chances are you'll get something out of it if you tell enough porkies. Using your 'Aus Geo sponsorship' can help to mislead them as well. If you strike it lucky and get your name mentioned in any of it, then you can spam all the wildlife carers you have illegally stolen email addresses for, and gloat to them all about it. It doesn't matter if it cheapens the whole awards system, or causes embarrassment for others that receive awards, because they've been compromised. It doesn't matter if it makes a fool of the organisations that created their awards, for not checking more thoroughly that the applications accepted were accurate and truthful. As long as you can get your name out there, the publicity and image is what matters.

  • Contact the newspapers and television media with tall tales of your exploits You know that they're always looking for more stories, and if they can get photos of wildlife in there, will not think to check if what you're telling them is true or not. The more you can get your photo in the paper ~ or anywhere else for that matter ~ the more it will feed this great hunger for attention and to feel important. If you crush others under your boots in the process, or take advantage of and abuse the trust of others, it doesn't matter, what's important is the publicity and of course, the IMAGE.

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