Encourage the public not to hand wildlife to licensed rehabbers

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Encourage the public not to hand wildlife to licensed rehabbers

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:58 am

Heavy advertising of my WildBuddies forum, including spamming wildlife carers, whose addresses I illegally stole from wildlife carers forums. Pretending that 5 minutes filling in a form to create a public bulletin board is some great feat that took me years to contemplate and achieve. (ha! people can be so gullible. affraid )

Lying to people about my credentials and experience and knowledge as a wildlife carer. Criticising existing services that they're just for trained wildlife carers.

But wait a minute .... Caring for wildlife is supposed to be done by people properly trained and qualified, and also supervised, so that the wildlife will get the proper treatment and care. Many wildlife carers report seeing some terrible suffering caused by people who've read my website and decided to look after wildlife they find themselves.

I can't help it if I tell people to give enemas to wombats that are fitting, or any other wrong and dangerous advice I give, because I don't know any better myself. I wouldn't listen or learn in the group I was with for only a few years before I left in a huff. I decided I knew it all anyway, even though I was just being trained. When my supervisors asked me to remove the dangerous caring information I was putting in my ego website, and to stop pretending I knew much more than I really do, and misrepresenting myself, I left them. I never learned any more than a few short years as a learner in the group, with only a few animals and under supervision. So I can't be expected to really know what I'm talking about. But it makes me feel good to pretend that I do anyway.

I can pretend to be an experienced and knowledgeable trainer to people in other areas and states, and they don't know they're being lied to. Of course, it may mean that wildlife suffers as a result. But should any of this bother me?

Nah! My self-promoting bulletin board & personal website, is set up to encourage the public to keep any orphaned or injured wildlife, since I am not licensed myself. Who cares about the wildlife, this is all about what promotes me and makes me feel important.

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